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Plan Packages

Concept Plans


Concept Plans are an exceptional way to gain insight into a design at a modest cost. The additional level of detail provided by these plans allows you to gain a thorough understanding of both interior and exterior features, conduct budgetary costing, or plan alterations.


Concept Plans consist of the following:

Plans are delivered in digital format (pdf and jpeg). As an option hardcopies of the Floor Plans may also be purchased.


Construction Drawings


Construction Drawings provide the information required to obtain your Building Permit and for your contractor to price/build your home. Plans are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.


Construction Drawings include the following:

Plans are generally drawn at 1/4"=1'-0" scale and plotted on 'D' Size (24"x36") plain white bond paper. 5 sets of construction drawings are included in the basic construction package. This is the recommended minimum for construction. Additional sets may be purchased if desired.


Please note that Stock Plans are prepared to suit design conditions encountered across most regions. However due to the diverse Climatic and Seismic variations across Canada it is not practical to prepare Stock Plans to cover all regions. Therefore it may be necessary to have a local design Professional review the plans to ensure adequacy of the primary structural members for your region.


Custom Plans


If you can't find a plan that meets your needs then we can prepare a custom design or modify a stock plan tailored to your requirements.